LLC GROUP OF COMPANIES "IICC" , being the receiver and successor of NP "MICC" , develops its commercial activities on the basis of scientific, technical and technological achievements, and many years of experience in cooperation with partners. Detailed information about the activities and projects adopted as the basis for the implementation of the works of LLC GROUP OF COMPANIES "IICC" 

Founded in 1999, "IICC" NP aims to improve and put into effect the results of innovative, engineering and design activities in investment and other programs, as well as to provide relevant information to the contractors in various regions of the Single Information and Marketing Space of the Russian Federation. 

The goal of "IICC" NP is to enhance the effectiveness and investment prospects of the implemented projects. In the meanwhile, the specified activity is mostly carried out on the basis of formation of alternative similar projects.

Elaboration of new conceptual proposals by the Generalized system of design and construction of facilities is an important direction of "IICC" NP's activity. This generalized system worked out with respect to housing and civil Complexes has allowed "IICC" NP to carry out:  

*designing and construction of Facilities of various functional purposes and various number of storeys;

*rational combination of various functions in one volume of the Facility, including separate vertical block sections or a free standing building, due to reduction of the structural volumes being used irrationally;

*rational use of underground space when estimating the structural and technological features of design and construction of the lower multifunctional part of the Facility;

*ensuring reliability of the Facility functioning in case of the Generalized system of its designing and construction under both common and seismic conditions;

*intensive use of land plots for the Facility development.

This form of project management has allowed "IICC" NP to implement a great number of similar projects in various cities of the country, as well as in the cities of the CIS and non-CIS states, which enhanced the economic effectiveness and investment prospects of the initial projects. 

Its practical activity "IICC" NP carries out both independently and with the help of the "IICC Group" International Association founded by "IICC" NP. The Association is an organization set up on the basis of bilateral agreements of "IICC" NP with the relevant research, design, and industrial structures through their admission to the Association as its members or associated members. At the same time, "IICC" NP is empowered to represent the Association's interests in general.       

The creation of the Association allowed both ensuring work specialization and rational using of the available and attracted scientific and design potential when preparing and introducing optimal construction programs on the basis of alternative design concepts. In addition, it gave an opportunity to provide the concerned parties with the prepared design and construction information for the regions, including those under seismic conditions.   

The main members and partners of the "IICC Group" International Association, with which the long-term cooperation in certain areas of activity has been established and continues: JSC «CСTE» (holding) (Moscow), CJSC «VPEKTI» (Armenia), «Lotte Group» (South Korea), «GlavUPDK» of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Moscow), Institute "Geostroyproekt» (Moscow), «Izz International» (France), «Royal Trust» (Switzerland), «Interiors» (Italy), «Infa-project» (Moscow), and others.

Individuals:- Arch. Novak Mila, Ing. Novak Stepan - architecture, design, engineering (Serbia) - Arch. Koltunov V.N. - town-planning concept of the Seliger project (Russia)

Another key direction of "IICC" NP is coordination of activities when implementing investment projects of the Association alongside with performing various functions (of the customer, general designer, etc.) to ensure high quality and meet the deadlines and terms of the contracts signed with the Association members with the support of "IICC" NP. In addition, "IICC" NP can provide support in attracting investments under the specified investment projects. "IICC" NP also renders intermediary services and comprehensive assistance to the economic entities, members and associated members of the Association and protects their interests in course of economic cooperation within the scope of its status.  

The positive experience of "IICC Group" International Association throughout its activity has demonstrated a high operating effect of this institutional structure.     

Among the Association's activities carried out with the use of new design and technology concepts being the intellectual property of the Association's members, the following should be singled out:   

- designing and construction of the housing and office multifunctional complex of the General Department for Diplomatic Corps Service of Russian Foreign Ministry in Dobrynensky Lane 4, with a total area of 86,000 sq m by the alternative project of "IICC" NP on the basis of a new concept, with due account for the designer's know-how. Meanwhile, optimal space-planning and construction concepts of the specified complex were fixed for the defined limited conditions of the construction site, and the construction cost was considerably reduced (by over 20% as compared to the earlier approved project);   

-Design and construction of buildings on alternative projects, in cramped conditions with the preservation of existing communications of neighboring buildings. These include: object Consular service of the MFA of the Russian Federation in the 1st Neopalimovskiy the alley; a 9-storey elite residential building with underground Parking and a Wellness centre and a 7-storey office building on Tverskoy Boulevard;

- designing of the glass-coated "Forum" pavilion in the exhibition complex of "Expocenter" JSC in Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow, in the shape of a frustum dimensioned 90x90 m in the bottom and 31.2 m in height on the basis of an architectural and town planning concept proposed by the authors, as well as turnkey construction of this pavilion with the use of conceptually new technology of raising the ground level longspan spatial metallic constructions to the designed levels.        

- designing of new types of buildings on the basis of a combined structural system proposed by "IICC" NP, which increases the access to the staircase and elevator of much more apartments of amplified comfort as compared to the traditional concepts, which is an additional factor of enhancement of their economic efficiency. The buildings of the combined structural system may successfully be applied in various natural and climatic conditions, as they are also highly seismic resistant.         

- elaboration of options of schemes for development of micro-districts with multi-storey buildings of the combined structural system by the example of areas being overbuilt in Moscow Region with considerable (by over 25%) expansion of the residential area from the built-up territory

The last two of the above works of the Association were considered by the Committee of the chamber of Commerce and industry of the

- Development of the main directions of the "Seliger project"

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