Invitation to cooperation on the project "Seliger" and "IICC-Ray"

    On the basis of a new combined universal construction "IICC Group" International association has worked out a series of design concepts of multi-storey civil buildings with 17-25 storeys and more (residential, office, hotel, etc.) having high seismic resistance and economic efficiency of about 20-25% of both the buildings themselves and the built-up area. The new design concepts meet all construction standards and rules.


Specification of the series of new design concepts

of multi-storey civil buildings

1. Innovative idea of the series of design concepts

    1.1 The new combined construction and planning structure on the basis of an original combined structural system, in which the core vertical volumetric and spatial construction with special infilling as the core vertical supporting concrete component of the building is connected with the framework on reinforced concrete columns surrounding this main supporting construction of the building with single-piece flat floor slabs.  

2. Confirmation of novelty and priority 

    2.1. The novelty and priority of the technical solutions adopted by the "IICC Group" International association in the design and construction of facilities confirmed by a number of positive conclusions and the Eurasian patents, as well as the conclusion of the Moscow Expertise in the calculation of the "GlavUPKD" Housing and Office Complex project of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

3. Efficiency indices of design concepts  

    3.1. Reduction of material consumption for supporting constructions of the buildings to 20% alongside with maintenance of the designed number of storeys and ensuring of its spatial rigidness and stability;    

    3.2. Reduction of the built-up area alongside with meeting all standard requirements to 20-25%, which ensures reduction of the foundation work and expenses on engineering communications of the built-up micro-districts;  

    3.3. Ensuring of high energy efficiency ratio, as well as enhancing the operating abilities of the buildings as compared to the traditional design concepts;  

    3.4. Enhancing the ratio of the summary area of apartments against the total area of the storey to 0.85-0.87 alongside with maintenance of convenient residence;

    3.5. Ensuring various options of residential apartments complying with the specific demographic situation and residence conditions in these apartments alongside with observance of all parameters of the building standards and rules in force in the Russian Federation;

    3.6. The efficiency indices by 3.1.-3.5. items are confirmed by the Conclusion of State Unitary Enterprise of Moscow Region "Integrated Design Research Institute" (SUE MR "Niiproect") dated 3 February 2010.

4. List of buildings by brand new design concepts

    4.1. Free standing 17- and 24-storey buildings:

    4.1.1. Three-rayed plan residential houses;

    4.1.2. Rectangular plan one-section block-houses;

    4.2. Multi-sectional 17- and 24-storey block-houses, as well as buildings with variable number of storeys:

    4.2.1. Rectangular plan two-section buildings;

    4.2.2. Rectangular plan three-section buildings;  

    4.2.3. Two-rayed plan three-section buildings;

    4.2.4. S-shape plan three-section buildings.


5. Submission of design concepts

5.1. Albums of drafts and the explanatory text in two parts with the content as follows: 

5.1.1. Architectural and planning concepts of buildings, framing schemes of the supporting construction of buildings, as well as positive responses to the innovative idea of the design concept series (Part I);

5.1.2. Competent organizations' documentary evidence of full compliance of the buildings with brand new concept designs, construction standards and rules in force (Part II). 

    Given the relevance of the wide use of new effective projects in housing construction (particularly, under the contemporary global financial and economic conditions), "IICC Group" International association on the basis of the Institute "Geostroyproekt" are ready to cooperate with investors, building contractors and design organizations in applying new types of buildings with a variable number of storeys (9-17-25 and more) designed on the basis of a new combined construction and planning structure meeting up-to-date requirements and having an urban development value and investment prospects.  

    In order to assess the economic efficiency via a comparative analysis of the indices, the Association is ready to consider town-planning concept options when developing the residential districts and complexes in Moscow, Moscow Region and other regions of the Russian Federation and abroad on the basis of the new types of buildings for specific action areas. This will allow the Contractor to take a reasonable decision on their application in construction practice.     


Cooperation on the "Seliger project"

    International Association group of companies "IICC Group" continues active work on the development of large-scale exemplary Project of strategic development of the territory "Seliger" (Tver region).

    The project provides for the establishment of hotel complexes at the rate of 1 million visits per calendar year with an Estimated cost of about 175.0 – 187.5 million dollars. USA.

    Currently, the company ICC has a real opportunity to offer in the framework of the Project "Seliger" design and construction of modern hotels on lake Volga with eco-natural tourist infrastructure.

 The attractiveness, economic control and security of this project is based on the fact that the land area of 26.6 hectares has already been acquired and registered as the property of one of the participants of the "IICC Group".

A list of the main directions of development of the PROJECT "SELIGER»

 1.The open-air Museum is created on the basis of the existing old building of the city of Ostashkov, Tver region, the first mention of which dates back to 1371.

 2.Science city SELIGER is a complex of scientific institutes and laboratories of international level for the study of cosmoplanetary ecology and development of living organisms on the planet.

 3.Student campuses of international and Russian universities of natural-ecological and ecobiological directions of studying the planet Earth and space with the international center-forum of Nobel prize laureates.

 4.Russian national center of vocational Education.

 5.Zoo – Park of knowledge of the nature of the planet Earth.

 6.Russian national Disneyland.

 7.Children's medical rehabilitation centers.

 8.Boarding houses for the elderly in the amount of 15 objects.

 9.The new hotel complex in conjunction with existing hotels in the calculation of 1 million visits in the calendar year.

 10.Agricultural enterprises for the production of ecological nutrition.

 11.Construction of housing and social and cultural facilities for 58,000 residents.

 12.Energy, transport infrastructure of the Seliger area.

 13.Airport for regular flights and business aviation

    Investors interested in participating in the development and implementation of individual sections of the Seliger Project should contact the NP IICC.

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